Opening Day FMCM- Manchester

Opening day in Manchester on 28 July 2018.

The reception of the Foundation Mama Christine Mongi (FMCM) had celebrated the first day activities in Manchester and Salford-Lancashire, UK.



About of FMCM

WebFoundation Mama Christine Mongi (FMCM) is a not for profit community enterprise, whose aim is organized exclusively for educational purposes, promote young people in the best way, improving the health, well-being and condition of life. Also, to relieve poverty and improve the lives young people in Africa.

We have great pleasure inviting you to come along and see our FMCM.

Contacting us is easy. 

The foundation Mama Christine Mongi ” FMCM” is based in England – Greater Manchester. or

Twitter : @fmcm11.

Facebook: Fmcm-Greater Manchester.

By Mobile: 00447448202187, you can call every day and any time.

Visit us at:  http://www.

In order to improve our service that gives you advice and information necessary. Everybody is welcome into our Foundation Mama Christine Mongi.

Thank you.